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Hi, my name is Nigel Woodham, proprietor and creator of Carousel Interiors.

Firstly, why the differnt names, Carousel Interiors & Kitchen SOS etc.?

If fact they are all the same company, same person, same quality products, same high level of service. I have been trading as Carousel Interiors since the early 1980's, I came up with the SOS brands because I think it represents the door replacement and refurbishment side of the business better and to be honest, it's much easier for people to remember than Carousel Interiors, simple as that.
The fact that the SOS part of the name is a distress call (for people who need help with their home improvements) and also represents my geographical location, Southend-on-Sea, is just a bonus.

Picture of company proprietor


A bit about me.

On leaving school I went into a City & Guilds apprenticeship at a joinery company then moved to a cabinet making and shop fitting company. I completed the initial three years apprenticeship in Cabinet Making and Design and then took a further advanced course that I passed with distinction grades in all modules. After a few years 'on the bench' I decided to go it alone and started Carousel Interiors in the early 1980's. Initially Carousel was solely a kitchen design and fitting company but as the years went by more and more customers, who had been so pleased with their Carousel designed and built kitchens, kept asking if I could do the rest of their home. As a full kitchen refurbishment involves all the main refurbishment trades and skills I was well placed and experienced to serve their needs. So over the last twenty five years or so Carousel Interiors has completed an incredibly wide range of work to peoples homes, from small jobs such as creating two rooms from one through to completely demolishing the interior of a property and rebuilding it.
The principals I have stuck to over the last fourty years have been to maintain high standards in the level of service offered, the quality of products supplied and a high standard of workmanship.
The range of services offered include, Kitchen and Bathroom design and fitting, Bedroom fitting, Home Studies and Offices, any form of bespoke fitted / free standing cabinet work, for example, Media centers & home remodelling. The scope could be anything from moving a few cupboards through to a complete house refurbishment. Internal joinery, decorating, you name it and the chances are in the last thirty years I have done it. Many of my customers are regulars. In fact some of my 'regulars' are on their second or third homes that I have renovated from top to bottom.
So what makes Carousel Interiors different from many other companies?
I set myself some pretty high standards, standards I apply to the way I deals with customers and their jobs. Attention to details, even small details I believe makes a massive difference. Simple things, like the use of plenty of clean dust sheets and a proper clear up at the end of the day. Always remembering that I am working in your home, NOT a building site. Whenever possible, only working on one client's job at a time, so you can be sure I will always be giving your job my undivided attention. Consideration not just for you and your family while your work is carried out but also for your neighbours. Maintaining a regular dialogue between you the client, and myself. Making sure we all understand what is planned and how the results we all want are to be achieved....the list goes on.
So if these are the sort of things you are looking for in someone who is going to be working in your home, please just get in touch for a no obligation chat about your plans. I look forward to helping you with one or more of your projects in the near future.

Thank you, Nigel Woodham
Kitchens, Bedrooms, Home Studies and Office, Custom built-in furniture, Bathrooms.
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