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Green with envy!

Things are always changing, new door styles, new colours etc. So here is the place to find out what is new and what is coming in the future.
One of the HOT new colours for the last year or so has been dark green, with the addition of mixing cabinet colours and styles in the same space.
Here is the Bella Segrato Matt doors in Kombu Dark green partnered with Halifax Natural Oak finish island unit.
Kombu Matt green and Oak door combination


Appliance Supply Problems.

Although I no longer supply appliances directly to my customers I do have quite a bit of input helping customers chose their appliances.
Currently there are considerable problems obtaining appliances from some ranges. Which appliance and manufacturer effected at present seems to be a bit random?
A combination of Covid and Brexit seems to have hit the supply chain for many appliance suppliers. No one can say at the moment how long these problems are likely to last but there has been a small improvement with supplies over the last few weeks.
Let's hope that continues.

Kitchens, Bedrooms, Home Studies and Office, Custom built-in furniture, Bathrooms.
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