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DIY Quick Quote

We are always being asked 'how much are your doors?' or 'how much would it be for 10 doors and 5 drawers to be replaced?’ The fact is there is no simple answer!

The reason we can't answer questions like that is simple, because everything we supply is MADE TO ORDER we don't have a simple price list for standard items. Also we don't like playing 'guess the price'. We prefer to price a job correctly from the outset, that way everybody knows the actual value of a particular job, NO NASTY SURPRISES.

Now, we appreciate that many customers initially just want to know roughly how much their planned project might cost, if only to get an idea as to its feasibility. Although we offer a completely free, no hassle, no sales pitch, survey service we also realise that you might not want someone calling round when you’re just trying get an idea of costs.

This is where our 'QUICK QUOTE' system comes in; so how does it work?

1: You take down the measurements of all the doors and drawer fronts you want replacing.
2: You then make a note of any other items you want to change, cornice, light rail, kick plinths and such.
3: You then decide if you want the existing show ends of any of your cabinets covered to match your new look.
4: Finally you tell us about anything else you might be considering changing, Work tops, sink etc.
That's it!

Don't Panic!
Help is at hand.

Firstly, we don't expect a millimetre perfect survey (that's what we do). You can take the measurements in metric or feet and inches. Near enough sizes will do at this stage, if the tape say's 49.7 cm then just put down 50 cm, it doesn't matter.
You can download our SELF SURVEY form from the downloads page or send us an email from the link on this page (or just call us for one) and we will post it. The form has all the information you require to give us the information we need to be able to supply you with a price.

When you have filled in all the details just get it back to us, email or post and we will send you a written Quick Quote Quotation. Just remember, the more accurate and detailed the information we receive is, the more accurate your quote will be. Once we've sent you your quote back we will call you just once to confirm you have received it, we won't, and never will, try to make a sale from that phone call, it is just to make sure you have received and understood the quotation and to answer any questions you might have. Then we leave you alone. We work on the basis that if you're interested in our products and services, you'll contact us.

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